Werewolf Warranty

Contratulations on your new deck of cards!

If you find yourself here, you are looking for the warranty that your cards have to offer. Simply, if your cards have manufacturing defects (I.E. Cut off text, poorly inked cards, factory folded cards, etc), your cards may be qualified for a replacement deck.

What you need to do:

  1. Take a picture of the defects
  2. Reach out to Customer support – Email werewolf@silverdragongames.com with the following information:
    Subject: Werewolf Warranty
    Attach the image of the defect
    Body: Give us your name, and the game that you are contacting us about, in this case, Werewolf Playing Cards. From there we will reach back out
  3. From there, if your cards qualify, we will ask for your mailing address and send you a replacement deck of cards.

What does not qualify?

Anything that is done to the cards after the box is first opened. This includes bending, water damage, tearing, poor handling, etc. If the deck of cards is damaged by the users after it is first opened, the warranty is void.